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Photos of constructed bridges with the following spans:
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Clear span 14' / 4,2m
using 2x4s

14ft. bridge 14ft. bridge
Bridge Kit with open railings: U$995 — Radial picket inserts: U$348 — 3' decking add: U$729
All components are preassembled, screwed and glued.
Prices include all hardware and delivery to your door.

Hi Frank,
Well we have had a break in the weather and I finished the bridge this morning.
Thanks for all your help!
Wayne PA
14ft. bridge 14ft. bridge
14ft. bridge 14ft. bridge 14ft. bridge
Hi Frank,
I wanted to send you an update on the bridge. The original dam was washed away a year ago. The bridge remains intact. Above right is a shot from this morning.

The design and construction techniques presented on this page are protected from patents by prior art & copyright and I reserve all rights regarding this design. Feel free to utilize this information for personal use but applications involving the exchange of money, require my approval. If you'd like to build bridges for profit, I'd be happy to help you. :-)  Frank Petersohn

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